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Terms and Conditions


Our charges for events are negotiable on an individual basis. Please contact us for a discussion about your requirements



A deposit of 25% of the booking cost is required 60 days at least before the start of the booking.

Cancellations made more than 28 before the start of the booking will receive a 50% refund of any deposit made.

Cancellations made under 28days before the event shall forfeit the whole deposit.

In the event of curtailment of any booking at the behest of the visitor they shall remain liable for the whole cost and no refund of payments will be made.

Cancellations made by Fernhill Meadow for any cause before the booking start date shall result in a full refund of any deposit lodged. Fernhill Meadow does not accept responsibility for any other cost arising from any such cancellation. In the event of cancellation by Fernhill Meadow in the course of the booking a refund of fees paid less deposit will be made along with Security Deposit refund detailed here, again no responsibility is accepted for any other cost arising from such a cancellation.


Security deposit

A security deposit of £200.00 will be required against any damage to the fixtures and fittings of Fernhill Meadow excluding reasonable wear and tear payable on the start day of the booking, this will be refunded by BACS transfer or cheque 7 days after the end of the booking following an inspection.



It should be noted no tenure is given or implied in relation to any booking made of Fernhill Yurt or Fernhill Lodge facilities at Fernhill Meadow.


Motor Vehicles

While we will take reasonable steps to care for the property of our visitors motor vehicles are brought onto the premises of Fernhill Meadow at the owners risk and no indemnity is given or implied against damage to or theft from any such motor vehicle.


Final Payment

Final Payment of hire charges is due on the first day of the booking.

Settlement of other charges incurred during stay is payable at departure, e.g. catering.